Adele - Easy On Me (The Kue Remix)
Damon Hess x Chloe Ferry x Wayne Lineker ft. Mila Falls - I Love You
Jason Derulo vs Joel Corry & Jax Jones ft Charli XCX & Saweetie - Talk Dirty To Me (Smassh OUT OUT Reel V-Edit)
Alice Deejay, Farruko, Victor Cardenas, DJ Adonis - El Incomprendido (Deville OG Sample Segue 137-128 Reel V-Edit)
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams Lasting Lover (Chunky Dip, Chumpion & Jesse James Reel V-Edit)
David Guetta, MORTEN, Robert Miles, Afrojack & Steve Aoki  - No Beef (Ango & Avi Reel V-Edit)
Ed Sheeran vs. Rave Republic - Bad Habits (WILLO & Switch Disco 'Midnight City' Reel V-Edit)
Calvin Harris ft Tom Grennan vs Dom Dolla vs Mister Gray - By Your Side (Mister Gray Falling Reel V-Edit)
TJR Vs. Drake & Young Thug - Way 2 Sexy (David S Ode To Oi Mash Up)(DJ Kevin West Vid)
Camila Cabello - Don't Go Yet (RoadHouse Redrum)(DJ Kevin West Vid)
The Weeknd - Take My Breath (DE SOFFER Remix)(DJ Kevin West Vid)
End of the World and Steve Aoki - End Of The World (Lyrical)

About Us


VJ-Street is the first online digital promo street team and VJ community designed by VJ’s for VJ’s. The first and only Video Pool thats ALL VIDEO and probably the only one of it’s kind to offer videos in “12 Inch” format. VJ-Street is fully licensed to promote music to the VJ at their discretion. We carry the worlds largest VJ Catalogs 50,000 titles deep and rapidly growing. The Catalogs contain music from 1910 to present date in many different genre’s and styles. No more need to wait for dvd’s in the mail or deal with virus ridden websites and softwares to prep your video content. We do all the work for you as our team of experienced DJ’s know exactly what you need and the quality standards that set us above anyone else.

Why choose us?

We are fully licensed to PROMOTE music to you the VJ

We post a minimum of 30 or more tracks PER DAY, thats almost one DVD per day.
Each Title track may contain the Clean, Dirty, Instrumental, Extended, Cappella and Main all in one. Just the way a professional DJ is supposed to have his/her music.

Many many genres to choose from with more added daily. More than 50,000 titles and counting.

We use Turbo Boost Server Technologies. That means if the club/location you are performing at has WiFi internet capabilities, you can get the music on the fly on location at blazing fast speeds; if a client requests a song and you don’t have it currently in your library, you can trust that you’ll have the song in no time with our advanced server systems.

All videos are tailor made by VJ professionals for VJ promo use and are compatible with all types of digital DJ software. All the work has been done for you. Just add to your collection and play. ALL THE VIDEOS ARE CLEAN AND CONTAIN NO CHYRONS NO SKITS/DIALOGUE/PAUSES, NO CRAZY DJ INTROS/SHOUT-OUT’S, NO TAGS, NO LOGO’S. We are the only service to provide this because we fully understand how the DJ/VJ thinks. Many dj’s/vj’s are replacing their logo/skit/labeled videos with our nice crisp clean clear videos because those “tagged” videos become so embarrassing in public performances.

We post ONLY the hits (no garbage or useless/ up to no good content) on our site unless requested by some random VJ
No more need to wait for DVD’s in the mail compiled with only 6 songs that you can really use. With us, you only get what you really want fully sorted out and easy to slot to your personal library just as a professional dj would be.

Our service is the only one to offer You (the VJ), the privilege to review EACH video before you actually add it to your collection. We want you to be sure you are getting the right music for your library.

We take the liberty to categorize the music unlike other competitors for easy search preferences.

1. Piracy Hurts the industry. We are here to support the industry and connect vjs to the media to promote the artists and industry as a whole. You will be banned if you post/share content elsewhere. Each video on this site is coded with an SKU number to control piracy. We have also taken the extra step to encode markers at particular segments of the footage to protect the content. These markers are monitored by web crawlers. If we catch our music on the pirate sites, we will track the SKU and trace it back to the downloader. You will be banned from the site and will terminate all your privileges. We will forward your information to the appropriate authorities.

2. All Media offered on and through VJ-Street is for DJ Promotional Use Only

3. VJ Street is a VJ Remix service designed mainly for V.J’s that spin videos in nightclubs and Events. Professional DJ’s V.J’s and music producers around the world have remixed the content contained on VJ Street for the sole purpose of enhancing an overall VJ performance.
VJ-Street was created because of the evolving of music video manipulation by the DJ in 2007. DJ’s have rapidly become VJ’s and need a reliable resource that is fully licensed and can provide up to date material at the same time catering for other field VJ’s. VJ-Street was created because of increase in technology and programs such as VSL®, Serato Scratch LIVE®, Atomix Virtual Dj®, M-Audio Torq® and Numark Virtual Vinyl® PCVJ and many more other video DJ’ing softwares developing daily. These systems allow the ability to Control and manipulate video files, such as MP4,AVi, DvD, MPEG, Wave, Wma and many more. Now more dj/vj’s are using time coded systems than ever before for their convince, sound quality and control.